OWA green circle

Sustainability requires resoluteness –
OWA green circle

All OWA ceiling tiles manufactured after 01.10.1997 are 100% recyclable. These can be fed into the OWA green circle, our own recycling system, regardless of a new order. We are required to charge a fee for the transport and subsequent inspection. This is calculated according to the size of the project. Please contact your OWA sales representative for information.

What do you have to do?

Simply make the removed ceiling tiles accessible for us on pallets at ground level. We will take care of the rest.

How is this possible?

With OWA green circle, our very own recycling system! It transforms product processes into genuine product cycles. After all, at OWA sustainability also means reusability:

  • because through the complete return of old ceiling tiles into our OWA recycling system, we make it easier for our customers to decide to use new, more efficient ceiling systems from our company.
  • because we have developed an independent recycling system from which everyone ultimately benefits: you, the environment and OWA.
  • because our system works.

How have we been able to achieve this?

We have developed OWA green circle as a comprehensive concept that is geared towards the future.

  • The Fraunhofer ISC has analysed our ceiling tiles on a material basis.
  • Through extensive laboratory and machine tests we have been able to develop an efficient and functioning system.
  • We developed OWA green circle according to the cradle- to-cradle principle. The idea behind this: to establish complete product cycles that don’t create any waste in the usual sense of the word, since the material can always be reused.

We are proud to be the leading ceiling tile manufacturer on the market that can offer its customers a self-contained recycling system with real added value.

  • The OWA RECYCLING CERTIFICATE increases the value of your property: our recycling reports, customised to your project, show the exact amount of recycled square metres of ceiling tiles. A good argument not just for a property report or your company presentation, but also for your application for a green building certificate (e. g. LEED, BREEAM, HQE).
  • Our recycling system makes the disposal of your used ceiling tiles easier, and you benefit from the high quality of new OWA ceiling systems.
  • We provide you with support for the dismantling of your used ceiling tiles and take on their return from the building site. You can get an appointment for the return of your OWA ceiling tiles, as well as your personal quote, by calling +49 9373/2 01-353. Or alternatively write us an email and send it to greencircle@owa.de.

In just five steps, OWA green circle works for you too!

The OWA green circle –
helping nature breathe again

Making the world just a little bit better and more attractive with each project. You want that. We want that, too. This is why we developed the OWA green circle. We take back your old ceiling tiles and therefore close the resource recovery cycle. An important step for us. A big step for your sustainable building concept.

The greenest thing that can happen to your
old ceiling tiles

We accept used ceiling tiles regardless of a new order and use them for the production of new tiles. This increases the recycling rate of our ceiling tiles to up to 54%. The use of recycled material is also subject to strict quality criteria.

The procedure is very simple and works in just five steps:



Step 1:

You let us know you would like to have disposed of the used OWA mineral tiles. Please note this is only possible for OWAlifetime mineral tiles produced after 01-10-1997.

Step 2:

You confirm in writing that they are OWA ceiling tiles, which were produced after 01.10.1997 and sign a contract.

Step 3:

You remove the old tiles* correctly sorted from the fittings, stack them on a pallet and wrap them in shrink wrap film.

Step 4:

You sign the document of transport (which is relevant for transportation of waste in Europe)**. OWA collects the tiles from your building site or your deconstruction contractor and transports them to our plant. You take responsibility for loading the transportation vehicles.

Step 5:

Once the old tiles have been checked and approved, they will be added to the production process and thus the resource cycle. After processing of the overall recycling package, you will receive a recycling certificate for your individual project.


* other materials, such as wood, metal and plaster, as well as wet, mouldy or otherwise contaminated tiles cannot be returned to us.

** OWA will provide you with the relevant documentation.

Be green and talk about it!
Advertise with sustainability!

“Green” publicity is worth its weight in silver; being green is worth its weight in “gold”. Use the certificate, which we customise in line with your specific project, for your property exposé and your corporate communication! The certificate shows the number of recycled square metres.



In harmony with nature.
A moral obligation to people.

Sustainability through the efficient use of raw materials in each ceiling tile: this is what the OWA green circle is all about. But not just that. OWA – a global leader for ceiling systems – helps you improve the sustainability performance of your building, with each process step, project by project …and you can rest more easily, knowing that you’ve made an eco-friendly contribution.

  • well thought out recycling concept
  • up to 100 % of a ceiling tile can be recycled
  • production process that reduces contaminants and energy and water usage
  • raw material transport via short routes
  • OWAcoustic® ceilings improve well-being and health
  • OWA products meet the strictest global standards for environmental protection, sustainability and climate protection.


Sustainability requires commitment, which will make
everything happen, quickly and simply.

Sometimes improvements are just a few clicks away. Our specialists look forward to receiving your call on +49 93 73 2 01-3 53 or your e-mail at greencircle@owa.de.
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